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Remobi product

User Feedback

Dr. P-Y Libois, Neurological Rehabilitation Center, Belgium

« With the REMOBI system, our Neurological Rehabilitation Center for adult children has acquired objective and innovative insight into neuro-visual strategies. With a hindsight now of almost 3 years, these eye tracking assessments take a considerable place not only to refine our diagnoses and rehabilitations but also as a support for discussions with our fellow therapists or as an educational tool with patients and their families. We warmly thank Dr. Kapoula for sharing her experience, her knowledge and her technicality with clinicians in the field. »

Emilie ROUVIER, Orthoptist

« Remobi has gradually imposed itself in my daily life, from children to the elderly, and for many different pathologies. »

Laetitia SEVESTRE, Orthoptist

« The Remobi allows me to obtain very precise information on the visual abilities of the patient during my check-ups and it is a tool that I use regularly in rehabilitation; I use the low vision program more and more. »

Isabelle NIRON, Orthoptist

« I found with Orasis, Remobi and the eye tracker a new approach allowing me for the children to analyze more finely their reading, to then be able to make them work in a more targeted way, to have data to show to patients, parents and prescribers. The new features with the Reva protocol allow even more interesting work for all our little ADHD patients. It is also a great training tool for our vertiginous and/or postural disorder patients. »

Stéphanie BOSCHERO, Orthoptist

« Indispensable tool for the standardized assessment of eye movements (notably the only one to record the vergences) and training allowing work standing, sitting, at the chosen distance and in multimodalities. I could not live without it ! »

Nathalie BADET, Orthoptist

« I've been using the Remobi for almost 3 years now, and I couldn't live without it! Both to objectify and understand the difficulties of patients and to train. Finally a versatile tool, respectful of physiology, essential to appreciate very finely the oculomotor disorders which are the core of our business. A huge thank you to Zoï Kapoula for making this tool available to us directly from research and to share their knowledge with us. We can now analyze very precisely, in natural conditions, what happens with the gaze in the 3 dimensions of space. »