What it is

REMOBI is a visual and acoustic tablet integrating algorithms and training protocols to rehabilitate binocular eye movements and vision as effectively as possible.

Coupled with an eye-tracker and a platform that analyses automatically every type of eye movement (saccade, vergence, accommodation), REMOBI offers powerful solutions : functional exploration, diagnosis and neuro-rehabilitation.

In only 5 sessions, rehabilitation with REMOBI allows the brain to accelerate vergence and accommodation, improving their accuracy. This results in a clear vision immediately facilitating visual and cognitive treatment.

Our results

Comparison of convergence and divergence among young students

Eye Movement Trajectory of a Healthy Student

Student with vergence problems

Trajectory of this same student after his rehabilitation with REMOBI

Convergence and divergence in children

Before neuro-rehabilitation

After 4 sessions of 15 minutes of neuro-rehabilitation with REMOBI

Laboratory prototype presentation