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Masterclass - Neurosciences of Binocular motor

Speaker(s): Dr. Zoï Kapoula, Neuroscientist, Pr. Research Director at the CNRS

Neurosciences of Binocular motor

For ophthalmologists, orthoptists, ENT and other medical and paramedical interested in binocularity and posture

Will be hold on 03/09, and 04/09 and 05/09

1) Integrative review of binocular eye movements in real 3D space. Saccades, vergences, accommodation - morphological, functional aspects, and neural bases.
2) Oculomotor neuroplasticity: conjugate vs different for the two eyes. The importance of vergence.
3) Binocular movements, vergence and postural control.
4) Research on vertigo and strabismus.
5) Invisible disorders of binocular eye movements cognition and school learning.
6) Scientific innovations for the diagnosis and rehabilitation of binocular motricity disorders (REMOBI & AIDEAL).
7) Presentation of clinical cases, in orthoptics, ophthalmology, neurology, vestibular function).
8) During the last session, a questionnaire, QCS of 15 questions will be done live.

Participants will receive a certificate in the Master Class "Neurosciences of Binocular Motor Control"

Number of participants limited to 20 people - to allow interactions.

Price: 20 euros per hour per participant, or 120 euros in total per participant

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